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APG 203
Professor Garcia- Quijano

3/17/14 Cultural materialism • Harris adopted multilayered model of determinism associated with White and Steward o All societies had infrastructure o Structure- social relations grew out of infrastructure o Super structure- religion, ideology, play determined by structure and infrastructure Culture and the individual • The super organic o Kroeber called the cultural realm, whose origin converted an ape into an early hominid, the super organic o Saw culture as basis of new science, cultural anthropology • Durkheim called for a new social science to be based in the conscience collectif o Shared conscience between people -> culture • Durkheim is a common father of anthropology and sociology Symbolic and Interpretive Anthropology • Turner recognized links between symbolic anthropology (study of symbols in their social and cultural context) and social psychology, psychology, and psychological analysis • Geertz- interpretive anthropology defined culture as ideas based on culture learning and symbols Structuralism • Lévi-Strauss o Anthropologist, social theorist
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