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Lecture 1

SPA 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Calabaza, Asteroid Family, Celesta

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SPA 101
Anastasia Allan

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The main colors in Spanish are:
negro - black
marrón / café - brown
gris - gray / grey
blanco - white
amarillo - yellow
anaranjado / naranjo - orange
rojo - red
rosado - pink
morado / púrpura - purple
azul - blue
verde - green
You will notice that for some colors there are two different words for it. Which one you use depends on the
country you are in.
Colores have different forms
Colors are adjectives that must agree with the gender and number of the noun.
It is importante to remember that the colors that end in -O or -A have a masculine and feminine form as
well as a singular or plural form and must coincide with the noun (or subject).
For example there are 4 forms of the color Blanco.
Un sombrero blanco - (Blanco is in masculine and singular form, just like the word it describes)
Unos sombreros blancos - (Blancos is in masculine and plural form)
Una casa blanca - (Blanca is in feminine and singular form)
Unas casas blancas - (Blancas is in feminine and plural form)
With words that don't end in -O or -A (like verde and gris) don't have a change in the masculine or feminine
form. You do however have to add the -S or -ES for its plural form.
Un sombrero verde
Unos sombreros verdes
Una casa verde
Unas casas verdes
A color can also be a noun in a sentence
El rojo enfurece a los toros.
Word order with colors
1. The verb SER + color (Ser - because the color won't change or it has always been that color)
Mi auto es verde
Su mochila es amarilla
2. The verb ESTAR + color (Estar - It is only temporarily this color, it may change color tomorrow)
Mi ojo está rojo (my eye normally isn't this color, maybe it is infected)
El cielo hoy está azul (today the sky is blue though it might be cloudy tomorrow)
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