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University of Southern California
ANTH 105g
Nicholas Bartlett

Redfield and MSF  MSF: Medicine Sans Frontiers o Similar to doctors without borders  Humanitarian aid vs. Development o Development: long-term solution to a problem o Humanitarian aid: response to a problem, quicker solution  Not focused on solving underlying problems  NGO: Non-Governmental Organization o // Doctors Without Borders  CBO: Community-Based organization  Non-profit: Not a company  State: a governed area (//nation, country) o “A nation or territory considered as an organized political community under one government” o “the state has failed” = no one in charge  NGOs and states usually have different rules (may break a state’s laws, fill in where state leaves holes)  GONGO: Government-Organized NGO o Only in places where there are huuuge governments (ex: China) Doctors Without Borders  Founded in 1971: Nigerian civil war  DWB wanted to be more independent than a state  Red Cross was around before them, but wouldn’t work somewhere if the state didn’t want them to (DWB does/would)  After winning the Nobel Prize, they got a lot of donations from private citizens, which lets them do what they want  DWB is almost as powerful as a small country
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