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Lecture 40

CHEM 105bL Lecture 40: Polymers

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CHEM 105bL
Parr Jessica

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I P D F dtrru'thllarntrvt F tX r/rtl)Pt t\0rn('( P -- NH : P ch \ovorn(\hunyt tx ,l\ ll F CI- C -C\ mo op1, lluryr"I l-1 o F t)(2- L\uv 0io Potut F cr F nD OYt \\Drn^r F- A l.- eX 1-chtoro burlurn',l' f- C1 Eltll I oP1 |rDYW' tX 3-chloto fJtnloru. /,\/\ 1,,\ogt lsury\'tl \-t * L\0 (tr"o J l()Y'r,,rm ov sntrdton '0n JQuwv-t |)lhfinr A..r , lS ' A t nr.rrl C,: C -B B- -A I t^or\olo( cls Polor +(c^Y\\ t- drtlvirar'llrInP0tarr.l , anal t-(.ac1'r,T CharrryCt 2o\qr",ttr troyr\ Sr,,vrntlnoVtuVl talkd 'potf^,c,' lat\t rvrukct'rUt brzrrll VY]040(A^(\ - hat 0ni'1 owr tlPt t{ wo'Aorvvtt\ L hori.o}ol'4wur aittt"tn'tvvro,'t0'Y! [gprbrrn't(o ',oP tl4uvt*r- hft\ nt ltall tpO tor^ a thavn Ihvovt'll\. fv'otS\rnkrnol - b P0llvln(vJ an-l th arn) uvat 6o ^d r [omrn,vttal WrW,t PolrltthqVtnzt CH, Adartron |1u\rpl.u C FI, ?rJ\tl't^ Po\,1t11Yw.u. : Ion cknlurtion i I l, I t I t
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