ITP 115 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Delimiter

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Lecture 8
Often, we want to create an empty list before a loop, at the start of our program, etc.
numbers = list()
numbers = []
Lists are mutable!
o Assign a new list element by index
o Assign a new list slice
Replace multiple items with 1 item
o Delete a list element
Doesn’t create a gap in a sequence
All the elements “slide down” 1 position
o Delete a list slice
Delete multiple elements
Nums = [3, -12, 5]
3, -12, 5
Nums[0] = 46
46, -12, 5
Nums[0:2] = [7,9]
7, 9, 5
Nums[0:2] = [13]
13, 5
List methods
o someList.append(value)
Adds value to end of list
o someList.sort()
Sorts values, smallest to largest
o someList.reverse()
Reverses order of list
o someList.count(value)
Returns # of occurrences of value
o someList.index(value)
Returns the 1st position number of where the value occurs
o someList.insert(i, value)
Inserts value at position i
o someList.pop([i])
Returns value at position i and removes value from list
Providing position number i is optional → without it, the last element in
the list is removed and returned
o someList.remove(value)
Removes 1st occurrence of value from the list
o del someList[i]
Removes the element at the specified index
o Sorts elements, smallest 1st
Sorts the actual list; doesn’t return a new list
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