IRG 320F Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Washington Consensus, Mexican Peso Crisis, 1997 Asian Financial Crisis

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IRG 320 Jan 26:
Critical Reading Questions
oReview from previous slideshows
Literature Review Deadlines
oFeb 25: First Draft (5 pages, bibliography)
oApr 14: Final Draft (10 pages, bibliography)
Stages of the process
oChoose a topic
From interests (Syrian crisis?)
Ask question about your topic
Larger context?
Change through time or place?
What if?
Regional Topics
Pressing issues?
What are scholars researching? (look towards an X studies
Hot topics in the news about your region?
oWSJ, NYT, Financial Times
oForeign Policy/Affairs, economist
oUsing the library resources, find articles about your topic. Identify key authors
Examine smaller parts of broader concept
Put the pieces together to generate something new
oRead 10 articles about your topic, synthesize the material
Schools of though?
oLit rev examples
Where does development come from?
Preconditions necessary for democracy to emerge?
What is the debate surrounding intervention?
Models for development
oDevelopment economics
Post WW2, question about how to address growth and
development, especially in stagnant poorer countries. Lacking
investment to achieve economic growth. Underdevelopment was
explained by the need for capital/investment.
Govt. and international lenders could provide this capital.
Channeling investment into industries, protect infant industries
with barriers. Active role that can be taken by govt., and lenders
to provide capital for this growth
find more resources at
find more resources at
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