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Samuel D.Gosling

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What is the role of gratitude? It serves multiple functions.  Being thankful  Helps people establish norms about public behavior  People who express gratitude more towards others end up being healthier o Healthier physical and psychologically  Gratitude helps maintain and strengthen relationships [BENCHMARK] Clinical psychology that focuses on therapy, from minor things (anxiety, phobia, OCD) and major things (depression, etc.) Symptom substitution – getting rid one set of symptoms, but another different set of symptoms take place  Curing these symptoms might prompt other symptoms to appear Transference – the idea that you’re taking a relationship you have with somebody, your feelings about that relationship, with another person who you just met that resembles that somebody  Ex: falling in love with a therapist o Counter transference – the way the therapist feels toward the patient  Central feature in the psychodynamic and psychoanalytic approach  Implies that the person is giving themselves over to somebody else  Trust generally occurs with transference Therapeutic approach:  Insight therapies o Therapies aimed at getting people to come to understand what’s going on o 2 types of insight therapies  Psychoanalytic or psychodynamic approach  Brought to us by Freud  “humans are bad”  Very intimate, asks specific questions  Takes a huge amount of money and time  He or she (the patient) doesn’t have direct conscious access to what’s going on at a psychic level o This approach help bein
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