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PSY 301
Samuel D.Gosling

Sex and All That Implies Hypothalamus is the seed of the pleasure system. Girls:  Clitoris get “wet”  Three different female response: arousal stages in women tend to be less defined o Each women has different intensity  30-40% by 18 years old had an orgasm/masturbation Guys:  Erection o Parasympathetic is highly active in the morning (penis is hard) o Sympathetic system role in ejaculation  In the typical male response, arousal stages are well defined o Excitement –> plateau –> orgasm –> resolution  Orgasms among males by 18 years old – over 92% have orgasms and/or masturbated Female hyenas have such big clitoris that it looks like it’s having a clitoris erection (bigger than the male hyenas). Vestigial organs like appendix  So orgasm can be a vestigial thing  Orgasm seems to be affective with pigs. o Fertility went up by 6% o Fertility rates go up with new method of orgasm Rates of sexual intercourse slowly drop as you start to age.
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