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SOC 302
Kelly Fulton

Deviance Tuesday, October 23, 2012 8:44 AM • Who decides what behaviors, beliefs and conditions will be defined as deviant? o Particular situations or social environments, culture, and community o Conflict theory: idea that controls the social institution. • What are the social functions of deviance? o Solidarity: some sort of deviance unites society o Boundary setting: If there's deviance, then we learn what happens and conclude what the limits are in social behavior. Deviance encourages conformity. (ex: seeing a kinder gardener not getting a sticker for bad behavior, other kids behave better to get sticker) o Social Change: Change the rules or increase social control • Why do people deviate? o A musical interlude: Labeling, problems with how they were raised, parents didn't love them, they're crazy, they needed a job, Merton - Strain Theory Social Structures Conformists: If you accept cultural goal and use means For some people it's harder to reach those means: Blocked opportunity. You want the goal but you can't get there through legitimate needs. Ritualist: knows or figures out or isn't interest in the goal. They know they won't get rich, but they still go through means to get that goal (got to job) Innovation: Your doing something to attain that goal. Retreatists: reject the goal and reject the means Rebels: They want new goals and new means Cloward and Ohlin: relative opportunity to arrange in deviance. Easier accesses on how to cheat: Deviant Subcultures. Ex) The mob Social Process • Differential Association Theory: Sutherland: A persons' tendency towards conformity or deviance ar
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