UGS 302 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Race Card

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8 Nov 2016
No class monday-
university lecture series- mon & tues Mon- 7:00-8:15 Bass Concert Hall- @election
Tuesday- research that changes the world- @ research
OR Difficult Dialogues - 7pm Wed
Write a reflection, HIV lecture friday 12-1
- data thing due wednesday
How different types of knowledge works in different ways, how it affects your understanding.
Us- manily homsexual men
Africa- young heterosexual women
aids/hiv is raced
North America & texas- concentrated in african americans- black MSM
Up until 1940s most immigration was Europeans (white people)
After 1940’s- Most from central & south america and Asians- a lot of 2nd generation Americans
To talk about race was to “pull the race card”
All lives matter response- racial disparities exist
More systematic than just a “police” problem
Evidence - race dif in medical care, qualitatively different
Opiate epidemic- elephant tranquilizers
Rising mortality among white middle aged, tied to heroine and suicide
- Looks @ rising level in opioate addiction in white people
- Has to do with pain pills, get addicted, doctors don’t give them more then they go get
- High Schools, nurses have meds for people who have Od’ed - happening around
- White phenomenon
Tie to racialized practices of doctors- most doctors have racialized ideas for pain in whites vs
blacks, worried that colored patients are going to sell the drugs vs white people, less access
-black & latinos less likely to find their way towards heroine
-ideas of human strength of black people affects health cre, trickling effect, “unquestioned”
assumptions about race- profoundly shape life chances, health in meaningful ways
Why black MSM have elevated risk
- Can move quickly through population
- Partly due to marginalization, /hiding it… sex becomes less likely to be a part of long
term relationships…. Shapes the nature of those tpes of relationships
- Long term heterosexual relationships, marriage is propped up, regulated sex lives in
meaningful ways
- Wearing a ring, supports a range of behaviors
- Contributes to higher levels of MSM
- Stigma @ same sex relationships
- “subgroups”=bad lol
find more resources at
find more resources at
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