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Lecture 17

HISA 3003 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Unocal Corporation, Khalq, Anahita Ratebzad

History-South Asian History
Course Code
HISA 3003
Nabaparna Ghosh

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016
Day 17 –!Cold War, End Games
HISA 3001
-Cold War occurred because World Superpowers were divided ideologically !
-1959 –"An incident called the Kitchen Debate brought out the idea of the Cold War !
Kitchen Debate, 1959
-Nixon went to Moscow to ask the leader of the Soviet Union to visit a kitchen expo that
presented how kitchens looked in America !
Heated debate spurred as as a result of this Expo:!
-Nixon = Market economies should be endorsed in all countries !
-Khrushchev (Premier of Soviet Union) = Communism should rule !
Communist Economy
-Country’s wealth is owned collectively owned by society !
-Community Party decides what is produced!
-Everyone works and gets a share of benefits !
-Khrushchev deeply believed in this system !
Economy in Democracy
-Country’s wealth is created by trade!
-Businessmen and traders create wealth – Called market economy!
-Unequal distribution of wealth!
Some people become more wealthy than the others depending on profits from trade !
The dierence of wealth = noticeable = cannot be controlled !
-Endorses this model of democracy and vertical accession !

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016
Communism vs. Democracy
-Democrat’s criticism of Communism:
Choosing between democracy and communism is like choosing slavery and freedom!
They believe that communists gave up all their freedom to their Community Party !
-Communists’ criticism of Democracy:
Workers are not free in Democracy!
Slaves of rich businessmen !
Impact of Cold War
-Europe was divided into TWO blocks
East = Communist
-USSR supported East !
West = Democratic
-USA supported West !
This divided worsened relations between the USSR and USA !
Germany Divided
-USA, Britain, and France decided to help West Germany !
Introduced new currency to aid West Germany !
-Stalin ordered a Blockade !
-In 1949 –"The West set up a federal republic in West Germany!
USA responded by airlift of food and supplies for 10 months!
-In October, the USSR set up German republic in East Germany. !
-Idealogical warfare slowly becoming a territorial dispute/divide !
Truman Doctrine
-March 2, 1947!
-USA must end communism!
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