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PHYS 031
Jie Yang

Chapter 2: Kinematics in One Dimension  Gravitational Constant = g = 9.8 m/s² directed down toward earth surface Ex. #1: o A student standing on the ground throws a ball up at 15 m/s when his hand is two meters above the ground. How long is the ball in the air before it hits the ground? o Motion type: Motion with Constant Acceleration Set coordinates. Up as +y Acceleration = a = -g = -9.8 m/s² o Initial Conditions: yₒ = 2 m Vᵧₒ = 15 m/s o Final Conditions: y = 0 m  Method 1: 0 = yₒ + Vᵧₒt + ½ (a) ² 0 = 2 + 15t + ½ (-9.8)t² Solving for t  Method 2: Step A: The fall up to the top; stop. Time tᵢ Step B: The fall from top back to ground. y = 0 m. Time tᵣ t = tᵢ + tᵣ A) Same initial conditions H = yₒ + Vᵧₒ tᵢ - ½ (g) tᵢ² At top, Vᵧ = 0 m/s Vᵧ = Vᵧₒ + atᵢ 0 = Vᵧₒ + atᵢ tᵢ = Vᵧₒ / g B) New initial conditions Vᵧₒ₂ = 0 m/s yₒ₂ = H New final conditions
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