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Lecture 3

WLIT 017 Lecture 3: Aaron Hass

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World Literature
WLIT 017

Aaron Hass Tuesday, April 18, 201712:15 PM Aaron Hass - The PsychologicalProfile of Survivors • Children of survivors oftenexpect something similar to happen to them • Some survivors told their children about it and taught them its importance, others never mentioned it and tried to forget • “Survivor syndrome” - many psychological symptoms including anxiety, depression, dissociation, and deep personality changes • Survivors werebelieved to have a near inability to form close relationships bc of their constant anxiety of losing everyonein their lives • “Survivor guilt” - survivorsblamethemselves for notdoing more tohelp others • After liberation many people remarried to people who had similar experiences, rather than marry for personality reasons like usual • Often these relationships only intensified the feelings of guilt and anxiety instead of alleviate them like they thought they would • Survivors and nonsurvivors married too, sometimes not working, sometimes totally working • Younger survivors often experienced worsesymptoms,and women experienced worse symptoms than men • Jewswhowentto israelafter the holocaustinsteadofAmericafaced fewer symptoms later in life • 1954 german govt tried to give reparations to those who had been persecuted in the holocaust, but many were denied bc of their fault constitutionthat hadsupposedlymade them more vulnerableto these psychological conditions • Survivors often idealized their pre-war life • Many survivors felt that people who hadn’t lived through it could never understand it • After liberation, survivors thoughtthey would be welcomed and accepted by the world but whether it be a strange, foreign country that did not understand, or the displaced persons camps in germany, nothing
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