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Lecture 1

ASIAN AM 160 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Sedation

Asian American Studies
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Cheng Cindy

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Immigration is only part of U.S. History
Immigration Policies of founding (Differed by State)
oNo Quakers
oNo Black
Only Slaves
oNo Catholics
oNo Criminals
oNo Poor People
Laws tell you how people were thinking
Federal laws tell you how people were thinking
First laws passed by government were immigration laws
Alien Sedation Act
oEasier for aliens to be arrested
oTook longer to become citizens
oDidn't want French Revolution ideas coming to America
Framework 1
Founding Principles versus Immigration Policies
oCreates contradiction of American democracy
oPeople in the U.S. have different experiences
Different Laws affect Different People
Democracy affects people differently
oCreates quandary (dilemma): Do we create policies/laws based on principles or
character of immigrants
Framework 2
Why do Immigrants come to the U.S.?
oBalanced View
Needs of Immigrants
Seeking a Better Life
Needs and responsibilities of U.S.
Increased Labor Force
Recruited Labor Force
Latinos and Farms
Mining industry first started recruiting immigrants
Framework 3
Bottom-Up History
oHistory told from point of view of the "ordinary"
Chinese Diaspora (19th Century)
Chinese were first critical mass to immigrate
Prior to WWII Chinese immigration stemmed from port areas in Southern China
o5 regions in 2 southeastern China, Fukien, and Kwangtung
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