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Lecture 6

ASIAN AM 160 Lecture 6: Asian American History Lecture 6

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Asian American Studies
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Cheng Cindy

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Asian Settler Colonialism: Japanese Immigration to Hawaii  1868 and 1869, 1st documented case of Japanese immigration to "America"  American, Dutch, and German seaman smuggled several hundreds out of Japan to work in Hawaii, Guam, and California  149 Japanese went to Hawaii  Treated so badly, 1869 Japanese government brought 40 home, forbade immigration o Did not want Japanese to be seen as inferior  In 1885 sanctioned first shipload of Japanese contract laborers to Hawaii  Managed through American consul general of Hawaii o Desperately needed immigrant workers for the many sugar plantations  Over 29,000 Japanese men and women came to work on sugar plantations on 3 year contract o Worked 10-12 hours/day for 26 days/month  In 1894 immigration turned over to private companies  1850 - 1920 about 300,000 Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos immigrated to Hawaii  Saw more families than California  Depletion of Native population o Due to diseases and poverty  Mainly poverty o 1853 - 97% o 1920 - 16.3%  Increase in Japanese population o 1853 - 0% o 1920 - 42.7% o Most dominant group in Hawaii  Small Caucasian population o 1853 - 2% o 1920 - 7.7% Seasons of Rebellion  Benefits of our
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