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Lecture 11

ASIAN AM 160 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Emilio Aguinaldo, Blood TestPremium

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Asian American Studies
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Cheng Cindy

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“Paper Sons” and “Paper Daughters” Continued
Many brought back own offspring
Many created and sold “slots” allowing for future immigration
Slots created when American citizens of Chinese descent reported a fictitious birth for
every year that he remained in China
“Slots” = Paper sons and daughters
Citizenship meant being able to go back to China and able to come back
Only men could pass citizenship to children
Immigration of Paper Sons and Daughters
Between 1900-1906 Chinese immigration averaged from 12-145
After 1906 earthquake
o 219 in 1910
o 356 in 1915
o 573 in 1920
o 1050 in 1922
o 1893 in 1924
From 1906-1924: About 10,000 Chinese entered
o ¼ were women
o 1/20 were women in 19th century
Why Engage in Tedious Process of Slot Immigration
Family unification
o Many men were lonely and craved family
Resist against unjust and inhumane immigration policy
Chance for better life
Profitable business venture
Angel Island: 1910-1940
Creation of national immigration facility in San Francisco direct result of anti-Chinese
Opened in 1910: about 100,000 persons, mostly Asians, spent time on island
Believed vast majority of 60,000 Chinese between 1910-1940 passed through Angel
Island with 10,000 deported
Europeans passed through, evidence by records of segregated mess halls
About 6,000 were Japanese women
o Mostly picture brides coming under 1907 Gentleman’s Agreement until 1924
Small group of Koreans and Indians
Interrogation and Examination on Island
Chinese singled out for examination and long detention
o All Chinese subjected for long delays
Notorious for horrible living and working conditions
Longest confinement, 2 years
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