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Lecture 3

COM ARTS 200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Web 2.0, Cyberculture, Participatory Media

Communication Arts
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K C Barry Councilor

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Com Art 200 Lecture 2
Two Theories
1. The Gutenberg Parenthesis (Thomas Petit)
2. The Vernacular Web (Rob Glenn Howard)
*When doing reading for class focus on abstract and ending*
Media and Culture
- Oral culture: particular period from invention of language too recently. Culture to base in
writing based in speech folktale, and songs. Passed on in this way
o EVERYONE IS PARTICIPATING. Culture travels through word of mouth.
- Manuscript Culture
o Most people are not literate
o Came in 10th century. Monks copying books by hand. Only literate people are
elites and those who needed to be
- Print culture
o Chinese has woodblock printing 100 of years before Gutenberg
o Fast and low cost.
o In this way reading became a form of entertainment.
o One medium/person can share and circulate culture
o Emphasis sis around one author creating original content.
o 1440s- today
- Mass Media
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find more resources at
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