HISTORY 120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Water Frame, Free Market, Classical Liberalism

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28 Sep 2016
The Industrial Revolution:
In Britain
1830's-> everyone started to industrialize
Revolution in HOW people work
Mass produce consumer goods through the division of labor
Revolution on HOW people live
Countryside to urban centers
Revolution in how people use technology
England is leader in producing new technologies
Was said to be because of England's geography
John Wilkinson---> 1779
Created the world's first iron bridge
Created an iron boat
Empire's based on slavery created large amounts of materials, such as cotton
Key stimulus for innovation
New Machines:
Water Frame Machine- Richard Arkwright
Spun cloth (yarn) and was powered by water
Later used steam power
"Bold Leader of a New Era"----> Arkwright
The dominate place where textiles were produced
1st factories are hiring less skilled laborers
Women and children
If men are hired, they are paid more then women and children
They are most likely carpenters or mechanics
Textile Factories were uncomfortable-> air was humid to preserve the cotton thread
People hired to beat and punish the workers
New Transportation Technologies
The Canal
Enables the quick transfer of goods
Trains (first introduced 1820's-1830's)
The Myth of Prometheus
Reflecting on the idea of progress
Figure who stole the fire of the gods (their power) and used it for the good of human
beings alone
The "Romantics" were the people who wrote about myths like this
Industrial Capitalism
Happens first in Britain and then to the rest of Europe
Capitalism- economic system
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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