GENED 120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Chlorine, Georges Clemenceau, Sulfur Mustard

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22 Feb 2017
2/21/17 Gened 120- Historical Perspectives
President Wilson had fourteen points
o Open diplomacy
o Freedom of the seas
o Removal of the economic barriars
o Reduction or armaments
o Adjustment of coloniatl claims
o Conquered territories in Russia
o Preservation of Belgian sovereignty
o Restoration of French territory
o Redrawing of italitan frontiers
o Dividion of Austrian-Hungary
o Redrawing of Balkan boundraies
o Limitations on Turkey
o Establishment of an independent Poland
o Creation of an Assosiation of Nations
Pro-Allied leanings
Economic Interests
New York Bankers
o Fund the British and French efforts
J.P. Morgan: $500 million loan
Steps to US Involvement
German submarine warfare after 1915
o Targets allied shipping
Fear of German Militarism
o Eglad is fightig our fight –Wilson
Sinking of the Lusitania
o May 1915
Jauary 1917 Geray Delares Urestrited Suarie Warfare
Trying to starve Britain before America reacts
Wilson breaks off diplomatic relations
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