BIO 150 Lecture Notes - Lecture 96: Partial Pressure

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29 Dec 2018
Oxygen gets into our blood stream is because of the partial pressure of oxygen
The weight and the pressure of oxygen is forcing the oxygen into our blood stream
Partial pressure decreases with altitude
We need oxygen for aerobic respiration. -gas exchange
For most organism’s combination of bulk flow and diffusion
Diffusion is a very efficient p0rocess
Bulk flow and Diffusion
1. Ventilation- moving air in and moving air out
2. exchange for diffusion- oxygen is diffusing in and carbon dioxide is diffusing out
3. Transport- of gases into circulatory system
4. Exchange again from circulatory system to cells
Aquatic vs terrestrial
Air contains more oxygen
Oxygen does not want to dissolve in water
The diffusion of oxygen is much faster in the air
As you heat up less oxygen will remain in water- it desaturates
Sea water contains less water oxygen than freshwater
Diffusion is only effective in small distances
If we relied on diffusion from lung to calf it would take 30 years- diffusion only works with small
Surface area is the key variable organisms can play with- staying small
Diffusion dependent organisms
Sponges funnel water through the structures for not only food but for gas exchange
Parasites evolved to utilize the host’s oxygen delivery system- getting the oxygen from host’s system
In aquatic systems
Rely on gills for gas exchange.
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