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Virginia Commonwealth University
HIST 201
James Scow

11/2/12 The Salem Witch Trials: Massachusetts, 1692 Folklore & Learning • Every culture has something that they want to control, and every culture turns to their elders o We’re conditioned to think the old person can make it better • Cunning Men and Women o In every little town, there were people who were considered wise; in folklore these people were called cunning men and women o Divination – they may help because they say that they can provide divination (a way to find out the future or secrets)  Every culture in the world has divination o Herbalism – herbal medicine, this crosses over with empiric practitioners o This isn’t some sort of official position, they are part of normal society • Pre-Christian Folklore o Benendante  In the Alps, away from big cities  These people are born with the amniotic sac still wrapped up in them, considered these people to live half in the world of the living, and half in the world of the dead  On a particular evening every year, your spirit leaves your body and goes with the rest of the benendante to fight evil spirits – who wins this determi
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