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HIST 201
James Scow

10/24/12 Politics and Exploration: Dreyer and Willetts Brainstorm. • What do we know about the politics of Europe in c. 1430-1492? How about the politics of Spain? o Spain was not an actual unified country until Ferdinand and Isabelle married o Wars of the Roses going on; as well as the hundred years war and others o Nation-states forming o Spanish Inquisition  Isabelle and Ferdinand come in and say that Spain will be a Christian nation • T/P/S. How does this compare to Dreyer’s description of the early Ming? o Similarities:  Civil war before the explorations  Establishing a new state/dynasty (establishing the Ming dynasty) o Differences:  China was basically just showing off how important they were as opposed to looking around  Was the treasure fleet security theater – you wouldn’t want to mess with the person because look how powerful they are with their ships • In Europe there was more of an investment plan in the voyages Peaceful exploration? • “Such an armada, appearing literally out of the blue before the capital of the small state in the Indian Ocean, must h
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