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HIST 201
James Scow

• Uroscopy o Looking at your urine o Color associated to how the humors are moving • Questioning the patient o How have they been eating; how the humors have been moving; what their lifestyle is like • Family sources o Checking to make sure the patient is telling their story accurately to find out what is really going on Treatment: The “Non-Naturals” • The non-natural treatment refers to your environment • Air and light – how much fresh air and time outdoors are you getting • Food and drink – everything you consume has either cold or hot and wet or dry – every food was rated on a scale of these aspects; if you had too much cold then eat hot foods • Exercise and rest – if you are overheating then do not move as much • Sleep and waking – how have your sleep cycles been • Excreting and retaining – give the patient purgatives and laxatives for weeks (especially for humors that have been blocked up)
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