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HIST 201
James Scow

12/3/12 Women and the Industrial Revolution Cohen’s article did not give a single specific argument of her own Review Articles • Cohen’s article was a review article • It is tertiary literature • Looks at all the recent articles on a given topic and seeing where the group opinion is on the topic • Typically the contents of a review article gives what people are saying and they refer to other secondary sources, and not so thesis driven • Can find them on search engines Women’s Work before Industrialization • Life-cycle wage work for girls (dowry) o For a lot of people before the industrial revolution, the daughters would work alongside the mom in the household, then during their teenage years they would go out and find domestic housework for other households and make a wage from it o This typically meant that the girl would move in with the family that she worked for and was basically their made. The wages she made would go to her dowry (the money she would bring into marriage) • Women always worked (did things that took their energy and time and contributed to the survival of t
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