COMM 110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Expectancy Violations Theory

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8 Feb 2017
February 8th 2017 Notes
Assignment #4 Due Monday Then/Now interview someone over 50 and ask them about the
words on the syllabus and what they meant to them when they were 20.
Exam #1 - 2/22
Test question:
1. Draw the communication process and utilize terms:
1. Sender/receiver or encoder/decoder
2. Context of relationship/context (of communication)
3. Environment
4. Message
5. Mode
6. Feedback
7. Noise
2. Why study communication?
3. Perception process:
1. Stimuli
2. Selection of Stimuli
3. Organize
Script: typical characterize of behavior
Stereotype: over generalization
Prototype: ideal
Mental construct/yard stick: a rating scale of behavior
4. Interpret
4. Choose two words that their meaning has change over time.
Identity scripts what we are told, who we are and how we identify our self based on
what we are told. Can be based on ethnic and/or gender.
Perception Process: Step 1
o Selection
What you defined as important in a moment
External phenomena
Things that draw our attention
Our self concept
Perception Process: Step 2
o Organization
We organize our perceptions in a meaningful way
o Constructivism
find more resources at
find more resources at
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