NUR 3100 Lecture 18: SI -- CV, circulation, BP & Cardiac Disorders

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NUR 3100
Tara Konicki

CV circulation part 2 Veins: thin, flexible. Stores 23 of blood and has valves to prevent a backflow of blood Capillaries: _single celled; lipid soluble diffuse through membrane, water soluble diffuse through pores Endothelium functions: vasodilationvasoconstriction; creates growth factor (stimulates smooth muscle); promotes clot formation due to injury but also has protective lining that prevents clots from forming regularly Arterial circulation disorders: 1. Hyperlipidemia B A. Localized dilation of artery 2. Arteriosclerosis C B. Elevation of lipids 3. Aneurysm A C. thickened or hardened arterial walls HDL: good_______ cholesterol ; LDL: _bad____ cholesterol Main type of arteriosclerosis is _atherosclerosis________________________ _fat______fibrin deposits________ _______________ attached to the walls 1. Atherosclerosis risk factors: CAD, lipid metabolism genetic disorder, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, smoking 2. Patho: fat in arteries plaque formation lesions 3. Plaque contains foam______ cells (lipid filled macrophages), cholesterol, debris, fibrous covering 4. Plaque formed via macrophages engulfing LDL
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