PHL 3800 Lecture 40: Full Notes on Barash

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Wright State University-Main Campus
PHL 3800

Barash Virtue ethics Collective memories o Atomized individuals o Cohesion of life in common many as one More than one meaning of collective o Collective many together o Barash thinks that Ricoeur does not get what a collective memory is o Reiterative memory (atomized individuals) Habit memory repeating things so as to make them more immediate Societies depend on this in order to get along daytoday Ex: how to get to work, which class to go to at what time o Commemorative memory (atomized individual with shared collective experiences) Collective version of memory images Ex: cultural trauma like 911 We can play out what happened in our heads, even if we were not there Groups of people will react like this, but everyone can still react differently Shared sense of participation in these, but divergent sense of that participation Does not serve as a unifying aspect of memory o Tacit collective memories (cohesion of life in common) Rarely a matter of explicit recall Ex: you dont notice the air around you, unless you specifically are thinking about it Degree of cohesion of life in common will depend on how practical wisdom relates to individual identity Can be made a matter of explicit recall Provides the value (positive) of all the tracesnarratives from Ricoeur Collective as an action Memory as an ethical concept o Justice is related to the different narratives that are told and how they factor into determining an accurate (just) description of our past
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