PSYC 353 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Restorative Justice, Victim Blaming, List Of Bluetooth Profiles

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19 Mar 2018
Chapter 14: Men and Violence Prevention
-Chapter 14 only addresses IP violence against women by men.
-(Hamby 2009):
-Men commit 90+ of sexual violence
-Men create higher levels of fear in their victims
-Men injure and murder their victims more often than women
-Prevention efforts fall in 3 categories (be familiar with an example from each category**)
-Indicated (boys/men who have already been violent)
-Selective (boys/men at greater risk to become violent)
-Universal (targets all boys/men)
-Ecological Framework
-Microsystem an individuals immediate environment and those directly interacting
with them; (i.e. the home)
-Macrosystem -- a set of broader social values underlying the way our social institutions
are organized; (i.e. gender roles, income level, religious beliefs)
-Mesosystem links between systems that interact with one another (i.e., peers, family,
-Exosystem a set of systems that indirectly affect behavior (i.e. courts, prosecution,
-Chronosystem the time dimension over which all other systems are changing
Batter Intervention Programs
-Goals/Advantages of BIPs:
-Changes to DV laws in the 1970’s led to mandatory participation in BIP programs.
-BIP’s allow for monitoring and accountability
-Designed to reduce repeat violence (recidivism)
-Concerns/Disadvantages of BIPs
-Can lead to false hopes that participants will change misleading women to stay in violent
-May not be intensive enough to be effective
-Judicial oversight could lead to overrepresentation of lower SES communities and
-Do BIPs Work?
-Some studies have demonstrated positive but circumspect conclusions (small to
moderate decrease)
-While others have found the majority of these programs are not effective at reducing
-The majority of men that do participate in BIPs do refrain from violence over a period of
time ******
-Depends on what the study is measuring; therefore, mostly inconclusive/mixed results
BIP Effectiveness
-The strongest results are found using official records of police arrests and comparing
program completers to those who drop out of the program
find more resources at
find more resources at
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