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Lecture 5

HLTH 240b Lecture 5: Statistics

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Global Health Studies
HLTH 240b
Marney White

HLTH 240: Epidemiology and Public Health 2/17/17  Branches of statistics 1. Descriptive statistics a. organize, summarize, communicate numerical info 2. Inferential statistics a. Use samples to draw conclusions about a population  Descriptive and analytic epidemiology  Distinguish between sample and population 1. Population of world a. Population of Yale b. Random sample: all members of population have equal chance of being included in the sample  Types of variables 1. Discrete a. Variables that can only take on specific values b. Whole numbers c. How many letters in your name? 2. Continuous a. Can take on 3. Numerical data a. Measured (quantitative) o Age, height, CO level b. Categorical (assigned) o Sex, presence of trait, country of birth 4. Increasing levels of info: a. Nonparametric (qualitative data) o Nominal: category or name  Name of cookies o Ordinal: ranking of data  Ranking of favorite cookies b. Parametric (quantitative data) o Interval: used with numbers that are equally spaced  Temperature cookies o Ratio: like interval, but has a meaningful zero  How many cookies are left? c. Nonparametric statistics may be used to analyze interval and ratio data measurements  Variables 1. Independent: manipulate or categorize this 2. Dependent: measure this; depends on independent variable 3. Confounding: a. Try to control of randomize away b. Confounds your other measures
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