PHYS 100

Introductory Physics

University of British Columbia

An introduction to fundamental concepts such as force, energy, momentum, and the use of graphs and vectors in physics; geometrical optics; electricity; laboratory exercises to familiarize the student with both the phenomena and the basic laboratory instruments commonly used to measure them. Students with credit for Physics 12 may not obtain credit for this course unless they took AP, IB, or A-level Physics and were offered advanced credit for PHYS 100.
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Jared Stang

PHYS 100 Syllabus for Jared Stang — Fall 2018

Physics 100 2018W1, Sep - Dec 2018
Section 101
Tues/Thurs 08:00
Jared Stang,
Section 102
Mon/Wed/Fri 12:00
Kris Sigurdson,
Section 103
Tues/Thur 09:30
Marcello Pavan,
Location: LIFE 2201
Course Resources:
Course website:
o The Canvas site will contain course information, announcements, lecture notes,
some course grades, and links to the course materials (edX) and discussion
Course materials (online textbook, homework, online tests): Posted at
Course discussion forum: Use the Canvas link to Piazza discussion forum. Use this
forum for all course-related questions and communication. TAs will patrol the forum
regularly in an effort to keep response times low, and students can answer other
people’s questions. Email your instructor only for personal questions.
What you need to buy/have for this course:
iClicker: interactive response system register through Canvas
Textbook: OpenStax College Physics
o Free required text, available online on edX course materials site.
o [Optional purchase] Bookstore print custom edition extracts chapters 1-5,7,13-
15, 18, 20, 21.
What you need to do in the first week:
Log into Canvas, complete the “Phys 100 first week checklist”
About our learning community:
Physics 100 is a learning community that is welcoming of diverse backgrounds, experiences,
and perspectives. This means that we strive for inclusivity in our classroom, our virtual
spaces, our practices, and our interactions. Mutual respect, civility, and the ability to listen
and observe others carefully are crucial; active, thoughtful, and respectful participation in all
aspects of the course will make our time together as productive and engaging as possible.
Course Design:
Concepts Reading: Before class each week on edX to introduce new content.
Online Homework Assigned weekly on edX, to work on concepts and skills.
Lectures: Worksheets, iClicker to solidify concepts from the edX reading.
Lecture TA will be available make use of them.
Online Exams: There are four online exams; one after each learning module. Bonus
test one week later, for a second try.
Midterm Exam: One written exam in week 8. Format: A solo phase (worth 85% of
midterm grade) followed by a group phase (worth 15%).
Tutorials: Working on problem-solving skills and strategies in groups with
previously-used exam questions. Help with any course questions.
*The above formula will be used provided that a passing mark is obtained for the weighted sum of
your online exams and the individual phases of the midterm and final exams. If a pass mark is
not obtained, your final grade will be your weighted exam score, to a maximum of 45%. The
readings, tutorials, etc will not be included.
1. All questions about lecture and/or tutorial registration should be directed to the 1st Year
Physics Advisor, Dr. James Charbonneau at
2. Clicker: Clicker questions are graded for participation
. You may miss 10% of the
clicker questions for any reason and still obtain the full clicker grade. This could be due
to a misplaced iClicker, empty batteries, illness, etc. Extra considerations will be given
only in case of prolonged illness (> 1 week, doctor/coaches’ note required).
3. If you have a particular need to facilitate your learning in this course, please contact
UBC’s Centre for Accessibility (in Brock Hall, 1874 East Mall, Room 1203; 1-604-
822-5844) as soon as possible to arrange accommodations.
Drop/Withdrawal Dates:
Last day to Drop the course (will not show up on transcript) is September 18, 2018
Last day to Withdraw from the course (shows W on transcript) is October 12, 2018
The lecturer reserves the right to have some pre-announced clicker questions count for correctness points.
Marks*: Reading assignments 5
Homework 10
Tutorials 10
In-class iClicker 4
Timed Online Exams 16
Midterm Exam 15
Final Exam 40
Total 100

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