GPSY 5110 Study Guide - Behaviorism, Clinical Psychology, Gestalt Psychology

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11 Feb 2022

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Behaviour is a response or a reaction of an individual or an activity in which the individual is engaged in. It is the result of a stimulus in the environment or an internal change. Behaviours may be simple or complex and overt or covert. Examples of overt behaviour (i) blinking of eyes when a stone is hurled at a person (ii) withdrawing the hand immediately after touching a hot pan. Scientific psychology can be distinguished from the popular notions about the discipline of psychology on the basis of the following characteristics: It is based on scientific study of psychological phenomenon. It explains the psychological phenomenon systematically on the basis of empirical data. It studies the patterns of behaviour that can be predicted before they occur. It explains the phenomenon on the basis of experiences, sayings or beliefs. It explains events in hindsight after they occur: give a brief account of the evolution of psychology.

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