Budget constraints on marketing research are most likely to leadto:

a wrong interpretation of the research results.

an incorrectly formulated sample size and design.

incorrect reasons regarding why the research is needed.

pretest measurements of competitive brand sales.

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Stacy, a marketing manager at a beverage manufacturing firm,conducts a customer survey to determine the reason for a dip in thesales of Zeal, a cola, in the last quarter. The survey reveals thatthere is an immediate customer demand requiring the use of organicingredients to Zeal. The firm decides to enhance Zeal with theintroduction of organic ingredients. This new product would fallinto the category of ________.

new-to-the-world products

new-to-the-firm products

improvements and revisions of existing products

additions to existing product lines

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Lauren is a brand manager at a company that manufacturestoothpaste. She wants to increase the sales of an existing brand oftoothpaste. To do so, she calls for a meeting with a teamcomprising of members from the administrative department, the humanresource department, and the finance department. All of thesemembers work together to come up with ways to improve the company'stoothpaste brand positioning. Such a team is an example of a________.

category-management system

cross-functional team

departmental team

marketing-management system

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________ are methods used to determine how resources should beallocated among the various strategic business units (SBUs) in anorganization.

Vector models

Matrix models

Variable models

Portfolio models

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For high-involvement products that require extensive decisionmaking, marketers should provide consumers with:

ready availability of the products in a variety of outlets andat competitive prices.

factual information that highlights the competitive advantage ofthe products.

minimum information to encourage a quick purchasing process.

eye-catching advertisements and in-store displays to encouragethem to make a purchase.

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The number of times, on average, that audience members areexposed to an advertisement within a given time period is knownas:

frame rate.

time to target market.

reach intensity.

average frequency.

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Ariston Inc. manufactures a wide range of personal careproducts. Its method of sales forecasting involves conductingdetailed surveys of retailers who stock the company's productstoward the end of a fiscal year. The aim of this survey is toestimate the quantity of Ariston's products the retailers arelikely to order in the next fiscal year. Which of the followingapproaches of sales forecasting is Ariston using?

Customer expectations method

Time-series analysis

Sales forecast composite method

Jury of executive opinion method

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________ carry broad product assortments and compete on thebasis of offering a good selection in different product categoriesand offering lower prices on products in their largeassortments.

Specialty stores

Mass merchandisers

Category killers

Convenience stores

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Which of the following best describes personal selling?

Personal selling is a paid form of communications about anorganization, its products, or its activities that is transmittedthrough a mass medium.

Personal selling is an activity that offers customers orresellers a direct inducement for purchasing a product.

Personal selling is a nonpaid form of communication that seeksto influence the attitudes, feelings, and opinions of stockholders,suppliers, employees, and political bodies about anorganization.

Personal selling is face-to-face communication with potentialbuyers to inform them about and persuade them to buy anorganization's product.

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Which of the following best explains why Delicia Co., amanufacturer of potato chips, prices each bag of potato chips at 99cents rather than $1.00?

To encourage consumers to think the chips are less expensive

To increase sales by offering the chips at a discountedprice

To create a signal that these chips are exceptionally fine

To attract those consumers who are not too sure about thequality of the chips

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Which of the following is NOT a step in the marketing researchprocess?

Performance of the research

Plan of the research

Preview of the research

Preparation of the research report

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In the context of product purchasing, the diffusion ofinnovation is:

used to describe the ability of an organization to createentirely new products.

applied to products at the introductory stage of the productlife cycle.

used to describe an audit task.

the spread of a product through the population.

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Distribution allowances are typical examples of ________.

push strategies

profile strategies

pull strategies

mixed promotional strategies

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Which of the following is a benefit of mathematical modeling asa marketing research method?

It is ideal for investigating customer beliefs, attitudes,satisfaction, and other issues.

It generates a substantial number of ideas when compared withother methods.

It is involved in the analysis and interpretation of primarydata exclusively.

It provides an efficient way to study problems with extremelylarge secondary data sets.

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Identify the persuasion objective of the sales force in personalselling.

To reassure consumers of product or service superiority throughdemonstrable actions

To enable prompt delivery of the product or service that exceedscustomer expectations

To ensure immediate follow-up calls and visits to addressunresolved or new concerns

To clearly distinguish attributes of a firm's products orservices from those of competitors

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Which of the following statements is true of the influences ofprice, product, and promotions on consumer behavior?

Consistent bombarding of messages about a product will put offpotential consumers.

Salespeople do not have a direct impact on consumer behavior andits patterns.

Value-conscious consumers buy products on the basis of placerather than other attributes.

Marketing communications play a critical role in informingconsumers about products and services.

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According to the VALS™ model, Experiencers are:

driven to demonstrate success.

driven by a desire for social or physical activity.

driven by knowledge and principles.

driven by the level of resources and innovation.

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In which of the following stages of the new product developmentprocess is the new product proposal evaluated and responsibilityfor a project assigned to a project team?

Product development

Idea screening

Test marketing

Project planning

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Which of the following is an advantage of secondary data overprimary data?

Secondary data sources are limited, making the information morevaluable.

Secondary data are cheaper to obtain and utilize.

Secondary data are collected specifically for the researchproblem under investigation.

Secondary data are always available for strategy-specificresearch questions.

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An automobile manufacturing firm decides to meet all itssuppliers while planning to manufacture a new automobile that is aminor variant of an existing model in terms of design andperformance. The firm wants to provide its loyal customers withautomobiles at a low price without compromising on performance.According to authors Crawford and DiBenedetto, this new productfalls into the category of ________.

price redemptions


price exemptions

cost reductions

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