Younger Corporation reports that at an activity level of 4,400units, its total variable cost is $283,096 and its total fixed costis $136,710.


For the activity level of 4,500 units, compute: (a) the totalvariable cost; (b) the total fixed cost; (c) the total cost; (d)the average variable cost per unit; (e) the average fixed cost perunit; and (f) the average total cost per unit. Assume that thisactivity level is within the relevant range. (Round your"Average cost" to 2 decimal places and other answers to the nearestdollar amount.)

(a) Total variable cost $__________?

(b) Total Fixed Cost $___________?

(c) Totalcost $ __________?

(d) Average variable cost $____________? PerUnit

(e) Average Fixed cost $___________ ? Per Unit

(f) Average totalcost $ ____________? PerUnit

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28 Sep 2019

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