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9. The following amounts and costs of platters were availablefor sale by Corpus Christy Ceramics during 2016:

Beginning inventory

10 units at $41

First purchase

15 units at $55

Second purchase

30 units at $70

Third purchase

25 units at $65

Corpus Christy Ceramics has 35 platters on hand at the end ofthe year.

What is the dollar amount of inventory at the end of the yearaccording to the weighted-average cost method?

Select one:

A. $4,340

B. $9,920

C. $3,465

D. $6,200

32. Santa Fe Corporation uses the perpetual inventory method. OnMarch 1, it purchased $60,000 of merchandise inventory, terms 2/10,n/30. On March 3, Santa Fe returned goods (not damaged) that cost$6,000. On March 9, Santa Fe paid the supplier.

On March 9, Santa Fe should credit:

Select one:

A. Purchase discounts for $1,200

B. Purchase discounts for $1,080

C. Inventory for $1,080

D. Inventory for $1,200

33. Rocky Company has beginning equity of $600,000, net incomeof $100,000, dividends of $60,000 and investments by owners inexchange for stock of $20,000. Its ending equity is:

Select one:

A. $660,000

B. $480,000

C. $536,000

D. $446,000

35. On September 1, 2016, Chopper, Inc. reported RetainedEarnings of $272,000. During the month of September, Choppergenerated revenues of $40,000, incurred expenses of $24,000,purchased equipment for $10,000 and paid dividends of $12,000.

What is the balance in Retained Earnings on September 30,2016?

Select one:

A. $272,000 debit

B. $276,000 credit

C. $ 16,000 credit

D. $274,000 credit

36. Savannah Company purchases $120,000 of inventory during theperiod and sells $36,000 of it for $60,000. Beginning of the periodinventory was $6,000.

What is the company’s inventory balance to be reported on itsbalance sheet at year end?

Select one:

A. $36,000

B. $90,000

C. $ 4,000

D. $ 6,000

37. Assuming rising prices, which method will give the highestdollar value for cost of goods sold on the income statement?

Select one:


B. Average Cost


D. All of these give equal values for cost of goods sold

38. Kali Company began the period with $20,000 in inventory. Thecompany also purchased an additional $20,000 of inventory andreturned $2,000 for a full credit. A physical count of theinventory at year‑end revealed an inventory on hand of $16,000.What was Kali’s cost of goods sold for the period?

Select one:

a. $50,000

b. $22,000

c. $48,000

d. $16,000

39. The periodic inventory system differs from the perpetualinventory system:

Select one:

because the periodic system is not compatible with moderntechnology.

because the periodic system continually updates inventory, whilethe perpetual inventory system only updates inventory at the end ofthe period.

because the perpetual system continually updates inventory,while the periodic inventory system only updates inventory at theend of the period.

because the periodic system is more complex and costly.

40. Which one of the following is included in currentassets?

Select one:

A. Common stock

B. Accounts receivable

C. Taxes payable

D. Automobiles

41. For the balance sheet to be in balance, the following mustexist:

Select one:

Total assets must be less than total liabilities

Total assets must be greater than total liabilities

Total assets must equal total liabilities plus stockholders'equity

Total liabilities must equal total stockholders' equity

43. Using a perpetual inventory system, the buyer’s journalentry to record the freight costs includes a:

Select one:

A. Debit to Purchases

B. Debit to Inventory

C. Debit to Freight In

D. Debit to Cost of Goods Sold

44. Joshua records purchases at invoice price and uses theperpetual inventory system. On July 5, Joshua returned $6,000 ofgoods purchased on account to the seller.

How would Joshua record this transaction?

Select one:


Accounts Payable





Accounts Receivable





Accounts Payable









45. Smith & Sons purchased $5,000 of merchandise from theClaremont Company with terms of 3/10, n/30. How much discount isSmith & Sons entitled to take if it pays within the alloweddiscount period of 10 days?

Select one:





46. The accounting record for Max III Company reported thefollowing selected information:

Operating Expenses


Sales Returns and Allowances


Sales Discounts


Sales Revenue


Cost of Goods Sold


Determine Max III Company's gross profit.

Select one:

A. $332,000

B. $280,000

C. $308,000

D. $356,000

48. Using a a perpetual inventory system, the seller’s journalentry to record the payment for merchandise, received from thebuyer, within the discount period includes a:

Select one:

A. Debit to Accounts Receivable

B. Debit to Cost of Goods Sold

C. Credit to Sales Discounts

D. Debit to Sales Discounts

49.Geraldo’s Groceries purchased milk cartons at an invoiceprice of $6,000 and terms of 2/10, n/30. On arrival of the goods,Geraldo’s realized that half of the milk was past the expirationdate, and returned them immediately to the supplier.

If Geraldo’s pays the remaining amount of the invoice within thediscount period, the amount paid should be:

Select one:

A. $2,880

B. $5,880

C. $2,940

D. $6,000

50. Which one of the following is not a current liability?

Select one:

A. Wages payable

B. Accounts payable

C. Wage expense

D. Taxes payable

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