Hello, I would like to do my graduate research on the rate of return on education. I've thought about the mincer model but I have some concerns.

1. I will survey employees online using online surveys, is it an appropriate approach to select a random sample? (microdata needed aren't available for my country) (I'm in a Gulf country where there are no people below the poverty line and about 92% of the population uses the internet that is even publicly available) Info will be spread through instant messaging and emails (asking the university to send the email to staff and students who may pass it to others and other national social media accounts)

2. Due to some time limitation and in order to meet the graduation deadline, I can collect about 150 to 200 replies. Is it workable?

3. The variables I am thinking about are salary and wages, working hours, educational level, years of working experience, the average base starting salary after high school, training program length, gender, and parent's education. Are they enough to conduct the research?

4. Can you suggest another applicable model?


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Joshua Stredder
Joshua StredderLv10
28 Sep 2019

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