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1- The GDP of Mexico in current US dollars according to the World Bank was the US $0.683 Trillion in 2000 and had grown to the US $1.151 Trillion in 2015. Calculate the GDP percentage change from 2000 to 2015. Show your work.

2- In the expenditure approach to GDP, government purchases include all spending on goods, services, and transfer payments by government agencies.

A- True
B- False

3- The economy is considered at full employment when:
A. the unemployment rate is zero.
B. structural unemployment is zero.
C. cyclical unemployment is zero.
D. frictional unemployment is zero.

4- Which of the following would be considered 'private investment' in GDP?
A. A computer printer purchased by a law firm
B. A computer printer purchased by a student
C. A computer printer purchased by the St. Louis police department
D. All of these

5- Goods that are not sold during the year are included as part of that year's investment in calculating GDP.
B- False

6- When the nominal GDP has increased in the United States, we know that:

A- the U.S. price level has increased
B- the U.S. price level has decreased.
C- U.S. output of goods and services has increased.
D- Either U.S. output of goods and services or the price level has increased.
E- Both U.S. output of goods and services and the price level have increased.

7- Fill in the blank: GDP is the total value of ________ produced for the marketplace during a given year, within the nation's borders

A- all goods
B- all goods and services
C- all final goods
all final goods and services
all final and intermediate goods and services

8- Structural unemployment is considered a microeconomic problem.

A- True
B- False


9- The unemployment rate in the United States is defined as the number of unemployed divided by _____.
A- the U.S. population
B- the number of
employed plus the number of unemployed
the U.S. population over the age of 16
the number of employed
the number of employed minus the number of unemployed

If Americans buy $500 billion worth of foreign goods and services, and foreigners buy $200 billion worth of American goods and services, then net exports for the United States are equal to _____.
A. $100 billion
B. $200 billion
C. -$300 billion
D. $500 billion
E. $700 billion

Discouraged workers are people who used to work, but no longer want a job.

A- True
B- False

12- In the expenditure approach, GDP is equal to _____.

A. C + I + G + exports - imports

B. C + I + G

C. C + I + G + exports

D. C + I + G + imports

E. C + I + G + exports + imports

13- U.S. GDP measures the production of goods and services by Americans, regardless of which country they reside in when they produce those goods and services.

A- True
B- False



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