26 May 2018

part 1

1. Why are bond markets important?

2. Why are stock markets important?

3. Why are banks important?

4. What aspects of the economy are affected by the money supply?

5. What are the four phases of a business cycle? How does money supply affect business


6. What is the relationship between money supply growth and inflation?

7. What is monetary policy? What is fiscal policy?

8. What is the foreign exchange market?

9. How does an appreciation of a currency affect the economy?

10. How does a depreciation of a currency affect an economy?

part 2

1. What are the two components of a financial system? What is direct finance? Indirect


2. What is the role of financial markets?

3. Explain the following classifications of financial markets

a. Debt and. equity markets

b. Primary and secondary markets

c. Exchanges and over-the-counter markets

d. Money and capital markets

4. List and briefly explain each money market instrument.

5. List the capital market instruments.

6. Explain why financial intermediaries play an important role in the economy (address the

following: transactions costs, risk sharing, information costs, and economies of scope).

7. What is asymmetric information? What are the two problems that arise when there is

asymmetric information in the financial system?

8. Explain the adverse selection and moral hazard problems that are a result of asymmetric


9. What are the different types of financial intermediaries in the U.S. economy?

10. Which financial intermediaries are classified as depository institutions (or banks)?

11. What are the two main reasons why the government regulates the financial system?

12. What are the different types of financial regulations implemented by the government in

the U.S.?

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Irving Heathcote
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26 May 2018

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