4 Nov 2018

Chapter 1

1. Apart from the acquisition of Indian land, white Europeans acquired original titles to land in America in five major ways. Identify each method and explain each in detail.

2. Labor was always in short supply in the colonies which was very often met by bound workers (unfree). Identify each type of bound worker used in the colonies and explain each in detail.

3. The English organized their colonial ventures in several ways. Identify and explain each being sure to contrast their differences. Include a discussion of “entrepot” as part of your answer.

4. The movement toward the modern European nation began in the late 14th century. Define and discuss the role mercantilism, long-distance trade, and legal developments played in this transformation.

Chapter 2

1. Regional specialization played a crucial role in colonial economic development. Discuss regional specialization in the colonies using the concepts of comparative advantage and opportunity cost.

2. Discuss/explain the relative importance of slavery between Northern, Middle, and Southern colonies. What social institutions fostered a growing dependency on slavery in the South?

3. Discuss the distribution/composition of total colonial trade with the West Indies, Africa, Southern Europe, and the UK.

4. In colonial times, licensing restricted access to business opportunities Discuss and explain the four governmental controls present in colonial America.

note: please answer all of the following questions. There also is no rush since the assignment is due by sunday @ 11pm. Thanks

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4 Nov 2018

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