The Risk Executive is a functional role established withinorganisations to provide a more comprehensive, organisation-wideapproach to risk management. This functional role requires a mix ofskills, expertise and perspectives to understand the strategicgoals and objectives of organisations, organisationalmissions/business functions, technical possibilities andconstraints, and key mandates and guidance that shapeorganisational operations. To provide this needed combination, theRisk Executive (function) can be filled by a single individual oroffice (supported by an expert staff) or by a designated group(e.g. a risk board, executive steering committee or executiveleadership council).

This role does not presume a specific organisational structureor formal responsibility assigned to any one individual or groupwithin the organisation.
Think of your professional working environment or a workingenvironment you are familiar with. Can you identify this functionalrole? Is this functional role filled by a single individual or by adesignated group in this working environment? Might it be that thechief executive officer (CEO) has chosen to absorb the RiskExecutive function?

  • Constructively comment on the analyses of key responsibilitiesof the functional role of the Risk Executive and where theseresponsibilities overlap with key security role responsibilities ina known professional environment which your colleagues posted intheir initial responses.
  • Be sure to support any claims you make.

(Word Count 350 -500)

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28 Sep 2019

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