How many pints are in a quart?

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There are two pints in one quart.

2pint = 1quart

Pint is the unit to measure the liquid flow. One eight if gallon is equal to one pint. 0.568 litre is equal to one pint in Britain standard and for fluid measure in the US standard one pint is equal to 0.473 litre and for the measurement of dry things according to US standard 0.551 litre is equal to one pint. Moreover the half quart is customarily one-eighth of a gallon.  In 1873, the French Canadian "pinte" was characterized as being one royal quart or two majestic pints.

Always remember the following conversion.

Eight ounces=one cup
Two cups=one pint

Two pints=one quart

Example 1          

How many pints in 2 quart?


We know that

Two pints=one quart

There are four pints in one quart by this way (2×2) pints = (2×1) quart

4 pints = 2 quart

Example 2

How many pints in four cups?


Two cups=one pint

There are two pints in four cups by this way (2×2) cups = (2×1) pint

4 cups = 2 pint

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