10 Nov 2019

A large pan is filled to the top with oil of densityρo. A plastic cup of mass mc, containing a sample ofknown mass ms, is placed in the oil so that the cup and samplefloat, as shown above. The oil overflows from the pan is collected,and its volume is measured. The procedure is repeated with avariety of samples of different mass, and the pan is refilled eachtime.

a) On the dot below that represents the cup-sample system, drawtand label the forces (not component) that act on the system whenit is floating on the surface of the oil.


b) Derive an expression for the overflow volume Vo(the volume of oil that overflows due to the floating system) interms of ρo, ms, mc, andfundamental constants. If you need to draw anything other than whatyou have shown in part (a) to assist in your solution, use thespace below. Do NOT add anything to the figure in part (a).

PS: i need full detail explanation on how you guys works out onthe calculation, don't jump steps please.
PS2: im finding the OVERFLOW VOLUME after i put the mass and thecup in the water, not the total volume, it you think they are thesame, please explain your thought.


to helper SRG: The answer that you give me doesn't make sense tome

You said "Fg = Fb, therefore(mc+ms)g=ρVog,"
but the confusing part is that you said "thus,overflow volume is V=(mc+ms)/g
The [g] should cancel out each other and left theequation with V=(mc+ms)ρ
I want a explanation of your answer, i think you jumpa couple steps that's importantto the whole question

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Elin Hessel
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7 Jul 2019

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