10 Nov 2019

A light 3 m long string with a mass per unit length of 8.00 gm/mhas its ends tied to two walls separated by a distance equal to 3/4the length of the string. An object of mass M is suspended from thecenter of the string, putting tension in the string.

a) Determine an expression for the transverse wave speed in thestring as a function of the mass of the hanging object.

b) What should be the mass of the object suspended from thestring if the wave speed is to be 60.0m/s?

c) If the wave speed is 60.0 m/s and you pluck the string andobserve that it is vibrating in the simplest possible mode, what isthe wavelength and frequency of the transverse wave in thestring?

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Hubert Koch
Hubert KochLv2
13 Mar 2019

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