23 Nov 2019

A system consists of a vertical spring with force constant k = 1190N/m, length L = 1.80 m, and object of mass m = 5.40 kg attached tothe end. The object is placed at the level of the point ofattachment with the spring unstretched, at position yi = L, andthen it is released so that it swings like a pendulum.

(a) Write Newton's second law symbolically for the system as theobject passes through its lowest point. (Note that at the lowestpoint, r = L - yf. Do this on paper. Your instructor may ask you toturn in this work.)

(b) Write the conservation of energy equation symbolically,equating the total mechanical energies at the initial point andlowest point. Do this on paper. Your instructor may ask you to turnin this work.)

(c) Find the coordinate position of the lowest point.

(d) Will this pendulum's period be greater or less than the periodof a simple pendulum with the same mass m and length mass L?

(e) Explain your answer.

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