26 Nov 2019

19. The interstellar medium has a cool component measuredvia_________ observations and a hot component revealed by________observations.
AX-ray; optical
BX-ray; infrared
Doptical; X-ray
Einfrared; X-ray
20. Which of the following processes will NOT cause a gas cloudtocollapse?
Aionization from youngstars
Dthe expansion of theUniverse

21. What is responsible for emitting photons in anemissionnebula?
22. White dwarf stars are supported from collapse by
Anuclear fusionreactions in a shell around the core.
Belectron degeneracypressure.
Cnuclear fusion reactionsin their cores.
Dcentrifugal force due torapid rotation.
23. The "star" that is seen at the center of a planetarynebulais
Aa planet in theprocess of formation.
Ba small, hot, and verydense, white dwarf star.
Cthe accretion disk arounda black hole.
Dcomposed almost entirelyof neutrons, and is spinning rapidly.
24. A white dwarf star, the surviving core of a low-massstartowards the end of its life, can be found ontheHertzsprung-Russell diagram
Aat the bottom end ofthe main sequence, along which it has evolvedthroughout itslife.
Babove and to the right ofthe main sequence, since it evolved thereafter itshydrogen-burning phase.
Cbelow and to the left ofthe main sequence.
Dat the upper left end ofthe main sequence, since its surfacetemperature is extremelyhigh.
25. The mechanism which gives rise to the phenomenon of thenovais
Amaterial fallinginto a black hole and being condensed to the pointwhere athermonuclear explosion is produced.
Bthe impact and subsequentexplosion of a large comet nucleus upon astar's surface.
Cthe completedisintegration of a massive star because ofthermonuclear runawayin the star's interior.
Dmatter from a companionstar falling onto a white dwarf in a closebinary system,eventually causing a nuclear explosion on thedwarf'ssurface.

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