Front End Developer

North America


We are looking for front end developers to craft and optimize web application interfaces. Front end software developers at OneClass specialize in building responsive and elegant web UIs with a strong understanding of our entire application stack including but not limited to HAML, SASS and JavaScript. At the same time, they are able to optimize software across all browsers, from Chrome to IE. They strive to push the envelope in what is possible in a web browser. We seek individuals with strong design sensibilities and interest in delivering humane interfaces that are attractive and easy for students to use. This person will also be prototyping future interfaces by working closely with our product and design team, as well as our data and marketing teams.

Ideal Candidate

  • Someone who is extremely passionate about developing
  • Someone who is a fast learner
  • Someone who has great taste in design
  • Someone who has strong experience in html(haml), css(sass), javascript(coffeescript, jquery, backbone, ... )
  • Someone who can optimize across all browsers
  • Someone who loves working in a team environment


OneClass is an educational platform that allows university students to collaborate and share study resources from self-created lecture notes to study guides. At the same time, we have subject experts creating high quality video tutorials for common university subjects ranging from concepts within a textbook, to step-by-step solutions to past exams. Today, we have helped over 2.2 million+ students spanning across 1.3 million different courses.

Our mission is to not only become the largest library of education resources for university and college students, but to also provide the necessary tools for students to successfully graduate and land their very first job. That’s how we define a true success! If helping millions of students succeed excites you, give us a shout! 

Why OneClass

At OneClass, we believe that our company is only as strong as our employees, so it is a priority for us to make sure our team members know how much we appreciate them! From a kitchen full of delicious snacks, to insanely fun quarterly team events, to monthly catered lunches – OneClass believes in supporting an awesome team environment where we work hard together, and play hard together. We don’t just talk about employee development, we practice it. Your success is our success. If you are looking for the perfect opportunity to learn, grow and get creative, OneClass is the spot for you! Located in Toronto’s downtown core, we are easy to get to whether you drive, take TTC, bike, or walk!


Apply now at with the subject line: "Front End Developer" with your resume attached.

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