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Program Overview

The Elite Note Taker position was designed to benefit both you and the students in your school through the power of social learning. Over 68% of previous Note Takers improved their grades after becoming one and they learned invaluable skills to make studying more effective. Become a Note Taker with OneClass today and get paid to go to class!


  • Neat, organized Neat, organized
  • Interest in earning money Interest in earning money
  • Want to improve your grades Want to improve your grades
  • Want to help others in your school Want to help others in your school
  • Can upload notes weekly Can upload notes weekly
  • Enrolled as a student Enrolled as a student


OneClass is a life changer. I worked poorly my first year of university and ended up with barely any notes to study on when finals came around. However with the help of OneClass, I completely turned myself around during my second year. OneClass not only motivated me to take notes and study, but also helped me with the sharing of notes from other note-takers as well. I never missed a class and I was always on track. I didn’t think there was anything that would not only make me listen so intently in class, but also polish my notes even further after class. I raised my averages and got way better marks, allowing me to get into the major I wanted the most. I didn’t think any of this was possible during my first year. Thank you so much OneClass! "

Eva Ling — University of Toronto St. George

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely! The OneClass Note Taker Programs has hosted 1000s of note takers around the continent taking great quality notes for their courses. Our note takers have not only redeemed thousands in payments for uploading their notes after class; they have seen up to 3 grade point improvements on their transcripts after being one.

If you’re browsing the site and see the golden premium badge on the notes, it means that it came from a verified Elite Note Taker.

Become a member on OneClass and fill out as much information regarding your classes as possible. If you are currently waiting for the details of your classes, you can return to your account to put them in later.

Once deemed a qualified note taker, you will be given the opportunity to become an Elite Note Taker whereby you will earn triple the normal rate of credits (75 instead of 25) per approved document. Once you collect enough credits, you can redeem them for cash payments or gift cards of your choice.

See the following video:

There are a few criteria we’re looking for in a perfect Elite Note Taker:

  • Great Detailed Notes that follow our guidelines and rules
  • Commitment to upload during the term

In a nutshell, you will get paid to go to class and improve your grades. On top of that amazing perk, you will get the opportunity to help students on a scale where you will be making a meaningful impact in making education more accessible for all. 68% of our note takers have also seen a significant improvement in their grades after becoming a note taker – some as much as 3 grade points!

The responsibilities of an Elite Note Taker are to ensure their documents are of high quality and do not contain any of the following*:

  • Copyright material (slides, exams, tests, textbooks, scholarly journals)
  • Assignment Solutions or Labs (this could get you in trouble for plagiarism)
  • Poor quality scanned documents or documents with insufficient content

We also ask that all Elite Note Takers upload weekly to their account to keep our content library up-to-date and make the experience for those looking for notes, an amazing one. We also have additional opportunities for Elite Note Takers to get paid more for what they do, and we will contact individuals personally for these opportunities.

* These are actually our prohibited materials list for all note takers, so even if you are not an Elite Note Taker, these terms will apply to your account.

Becoming a note taker is free!

Absolutely! If your handwriting is legible, you can scan your notes and upload them onto the site as a PDF. Here are instructions on how to use our recommended phone app scanner CamScanner:


All students who need the extra push to get the education they want. In particular, we are aiming for students with visible and invisible disabilities, students struggling with language barriers and students with different learning styles.

Email us at notetakers@oneclass.com and a Content Success Manager will be with you shortly.

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