GEOS2111 Final: Table of Major Events

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Early warning evacuation to emergency shelters = failed. African americans = more vulnerable because flood prone areas. Government claimed that it was unnecessary to recover the. African american community because they were no proof that a community resided there. Predicted the trajectory of cyclone evacuated indigenous groups in central nt. Indigenous refused because plan = sit near someone they are not related to = poison them. Incorporated blind sheets that separated kin groups = preserved the integrity of the peoples. Many women decided to stay because emergency shelter = near unfamiliar men in confined space = poison position in the society. Women = loss mobile and took responsibility of children. Could have caused cultural damages to indigenous communities. Shaanxi = mountainous region (steep slope), many people lived in caves ># death. 61 deaths in hawaii due to the tsunami. Costliest natural disaster (economic cost us billion) 1st scientifically studied earthquake (survey) = start of seismology.

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