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Rebecca Reaburn Lecture Notes Management Week 1 o There are four functions of management  Planning - process of setting goals and deciding how best to achieve them  Organisation - process of allocating human and non human resources so that plans can be carried out successfully  Leading - process of influencing others to engage in the work behaviours necessary to reach organisational goals  Controlling - process of regulating organisational activities so that actual performance conforms to expected organisational standards and goals o A corporation is a group of people working towards a common purpose o Managers POLC in line with organisational goals o Corporations started because of liabilities o GOALS SMART  Specific  Measureable  Achievable  Reliable  Time Measureable Week 2 o Planning - setting goals o Organising - how to reach the goals o Leading - influencing others to reach the goals o Controlling - making sure it works (reach goals) o POLC is affected by organisational culture o Theories gives us a way to approach something o Management Theories tells managers how to approach managing Classical Viewpoint o Scientific management  all about efficiency  how can they produce more  the assembly line was built through scientific management and Frederick Taylor  4 principles of scientific management o scientifically study each part of a job and develop the 'one best way' o Select and train staff carefully o co-operate with workers to ensure that they use the proper method o Divide work and responsibility between workers and managers o The Gilbreths invented ergonomics by making workers the most efficient they can be. They used the human factor, such as pain. o How can we get workers to produce more o Beaurocratic management o M Weber - the workers need authority, formal rules and procedures, impersonal workplace o Administrative management o H Fayol - 14 principles of management, 5 functions of management Planning, Organising, Commanding, Co-ordinating (Leading), Controlling. 1 Rebecca Reaburn Lecture Notes Management Behavioural Viewpoint o M Parker - link between a scientific and social person, how do we resolve conflict o E
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