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Richard Brown

(The mandatory question). Give a detailed account of Simmias’ Attunement argument against the immortality of the soul. Then give a detailed account of all three (3) of Socrates’ arguments against Simmias. Which, if any, of Socrates’ three arguments do you think best refutes Simmias? Why? 1. - Arguing immortality of the soul, Socrates said soul is immortal - How does Socrates say the attunement argument won’t work: it’s against recollection theory which means according to simmias there is no recollection theory - Simmias says that attunement argument is like an analogy, an argument by analogy, by using musical instruments: What comes first the instrument or the tune? The instrument is first, what is the soul instrument or tune? Body is the instrument it comes first then the soul comes as the tune - Simmias: the body creates the soul when the body is born, then the soul is born. Soul is the last thing to come into existence when the body is made and first to leave the body when its dead before it decomposes - Argument is reasonable, how will Socrates refute it? 2. - goes against recollection theory is Socrates first argument, simmias says he believes in it - Suggests soul lived before body, where? Mingled among the forms - Recollection theory: what happens when body dies? Soul mingles with the forms - if soul is purified it will not be reborn, all others reborn, very few purified - heaven and hell don’t exist: up with the forms or in the underworld with hates, tnd world philosophy - 2 argument against simmias: are there the grees of attunement? If a guitar is out of tune can it be more or less out of tune? – it’s just out of tune, can’t have more or less of a soul you either have one or you don’t - Measurement of the yes and no - 3 argument: attunement applies soul comes from the body, that they are the same - doesn’t make sense because whatever action soul makes would affect body but they are independent of each other so that doesn’t work, constantly in conflict (body wants to do this, soul says meh not a good idea – two different natures in conflict) 3. st - 1 argument: where simmias contradicts himself and Socrates can prove that by showing that simmias believes in recollection theory which goes against his whole argument - You can’t believe in attunement and recollection, simmias looks student - Believes soul mingles with the body proving soul is immortal Give a detailed account of Socrates’ Cycle of opposites argument and the Exclusion of Opposites argument. Doesn’t the Cycle of opposites argument conclude that Life comes from Death while the Exclusion of Opposites argument concludes that Life cannot possibly come from Death? How do you explain this apparent contradiction? Which of these two arguments do y
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