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African Studies
AFRI 3100
Marc Tedder

Criminology Lecture 3: Evidence Based Crime Policy January 24, 2012 Evidence Based Crime Policy • Organized in England • Feb 2000- US, Campbell association. • Scientific research has been the bases for moving forward • identify through research what works and what does not work. DARE does not reduce the use of drugs from young people • SCARED STRAIGHT program- take people into institutions such as jails where they are introduced to inmates and they think that they will be scared straight however they look at them as role models instead • why do we fund these programs? Because we believe in these programs • Ignorance, apathy, anursha, cost Crime Control Ideology: Conservative Perspective • very into rules and • punishment has a place, • Criminals choose to offend, therefore they choose to get punishment • Justice system believes in deterrence • Emphasize the rules of criminal law • Reduce serious crime if we get tough on criminals
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